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Fongo Foods - Established in 1975
Fongo Food Co., Ltd. - Established in 1985

Chen Dong, who founded the Fongo brand, began to specialize in making fruit juice syrup at the local fruit in Taiwan at the age of 17. Chen Dong developed the first juice product, which was selected from the Puli fruit produced in Puli. The first product of the Fongo brand (the passion fruit juice), and then began to develop different flavors of fruit juice concentrate. 。

The company has been in existence for more than 40 years since its establishment. It specializes in the production of concentrated juice and jam, and provides OEM product design and packaging. In recent years, it has experienced large and small food safety storms. The company has stood the test of the market and has certain quality requirements for raw material procurement and packaging. ISO 22000 and HACCP verification, regardless of the raw materials, materials, personnel, and the environment are in compliance with hygienic practices.

At present, the company has moved from the local market to the international market. The sales area includes Japan, the United States, Canada, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and many countries in the Philippines. In order to more conveniently serve the needs of the market, the company diversifies its products and creates a diversified channel market. It also promotes company quality and service to an updated era.

CEO Chen Zhong Jin

Fongo Food Co., Ltd

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